Wow! 150 days! I feel like logging my food for that long is an achievement in and of itself, even if it isn’t always showing the best food.  See below…

Friday food was on track, 

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning – 2 boiled eggs,  yoghurt

Lunch –  pasta,  baked beans, cheese – this left me feeling tired. 

Raked the garden

Shabbos – Friday night – grape juice, white Challa, two chicken thighs with carrots, onions, courgette, potato. The delicious biscuits made earlier in the week with the kids. The head of a jelly baby (yuck, I don’t see the attraction)

Shabbos day went a little dolally but not totally lost the plot. You judge for me.

Breakfast – grape juice, matza, avocado

With children’s morning shabbos party, LH kindly bought them chocolate digestive biscuits. This was not good for me and I think I had 5. It may have been 6, plus a few flutes. Not good.

Then my friend made a kiddush for her son’s bar mitzvah. I was exceptionally controlled and only had two of renbake’s stunning petit fours (the tiny rectangular cakes with gooey cake/cream layers), one mocha and one lemon, both exquisite.

Lunch – Challa. Salmon, pickles. Chicken (one thigh), brown rice, carrots. Two children’s biscuits.

After Shabbos – another smiley face biscuit (my children share so nicely), some chocolate cake I defrosted for some reason but then forgot to offer anyone. A bowl of weetabix with almond milk.

I think that was it.

It shows that if I can keep cake and biscuits out of the house, I can resist them. If there are there, I really struggle to limit consumption, and eat a healthy balanced diet. I nearly wrote, “I can’t control myself”, but then I decided that isn’t true.  But I chose not to control myself. 

It’s a difficult one.

I was wondering why I hadn’t had any feedback on this post as I wrote it Sunday morning…. Then I realised I hadn’t actually published it! Doh!