Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Lunch – egg mayo and pickle sandwich on wholemeal bread. Plus anther pickle. Banana

Afternoon snacks – prunes, seeds, 4 small sweetcorn schnitzel stars (with kids supper)

Supper – pasta and cheese

A wise commenter on yesterday’s post suggested that I “find something you can do, and keep doing doing the same short thing” to increase my activity level.  I like this idea as I don’t always want to do a half hour to an hour of very hard exercise which will then need a shower and a change of clothing.  And because of this, I think I’ve done less than I could be. So just before the end of the day, I did:

10 jumping jacks
10 long arm crunches

10 knee push ups

20s plank

10s  hand plank

30s wall sit

10 high stepping legs

Little and often is key.  This routine raised my heart rate a little but not so I was passing out. It was totally doable and also didn’t take very long.

Today was a normal school day. Hurray! I had time to do the things I needed to and wanted to while the kids were at school, so I definitely was more hydrated. My meal choices weren’t the best as there wasn’t enough veg, but the portions were very moderate.