I had hoped to get back to my aerobics class today. I even got my special exercising top on, and my other clothes in a bag to change there.  You know where this is heading, right?

The end of the story is… Boruch Hashem, R didn’t break his hand, it was only bruised.

The beginning of the story is that his hand got caught in the hinge of the car boot when it was shut just as we were leaving to go to school, and so I spent the morning taking him to A&E at the Royal Free Hospital.  Incidentally, should you need to take a child to a&e, they did up their department three months ago, complete with an amazing interactive whiteboard/projector thing on the wall with games on it, and you go straight to the children’s section without having to go to the adult section.   But I digress.

I have learnt my lesson from a previous trip to the GP with M as a baby which turned into a five day stay in hospital that you do not go to a hospital without ample supplies. You just don’t know how long you’ll be there.  We were actually out fairly quickly, and R was delivered to school at 12.30, just in time for his lunch.  With that precursor, I present my food diary for today.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Lunch (at about 11am while waiting for a Dr after the x ray) – two trays of sushi and a clementine

In the car after dropping him at school – a bag of chocolate rice cakes

On my return home – a nkd bar carrot  cake flavour, a vanilla Greek yoghurt

Supper – broccoli and chicken stir fry (soy sauce , rice vinegar, sesame oil)

This food was all treating myself too expensive but pretty healthy food to maintain my sanity.  I’m actually feeling quite calm and sanguine.