Yesterday I went to a very interesting conference called “Women in the Workplace“.  It was organised by Work Avenue who are a Jewish organisation in London which helps individuals to find work and business opportunities, if anyone want to know more about the sessions I went to, please ask below, but otherwise I’ll stick to the food aspect! Ample refreshments and lunch were provided. 

There was a vast spread when we arrived, I had just had my porridge and almond milk, so I wasn’t initially tempted. However,  as the morning went on, and I realised that lunch was going to be a lot later than I usually eat.

There were lovely looking fruit platters and skewers, but, as always, they contained fruits I am allergic to, and I didn’t really want to risk death for the sake of trying to be healthy.
I made the decision that I knew I was not going to be able to resist the brownies the whole day, and to just have one and enjoy it.  I can honestly say they were the best two pieces of brownie I have had in my entire life and I am so glad that I can’t remember where I was told they came from.  But these will be the brownies that all other brownies will need to measure up to in future.
Lunch provided was soup and sushi! And again, really delicious butternut soup.

I had twice the quantity shown of soup and a bit more of sushi, and didn’t have any of the bread or croutons. I’m not great at drinking soup from cups and I was concerned I’d not be full from the soup so also had sushi. But really I should have just had the soup. At these sorts of things though, you don’t know what will be available and I didn’t know if they’d be seconds available so filled up on what I could.

I then took a doggy bag for the children of a piece of brownie and rogelach, plus a rogelach for me too which I should not have done, it wasn’t worth it.

I made a super duper healthy (and delicious) supper of chicken and cabbage to atone for my earlier misdemeanors!

As my last virtuous act of the day, LH went out late to get special snacks for Rosh Chodesh for the children. I followed my Wise Mother’s advice after portioning them, I wrapped them well in cling film and wrote a severe warning on them.