Yesterday after the conference I found myself very early for collecting for school, but not enough to do anything particular with that time, so I just sat in the car, catching up on blogs etc.  I watched this vlog by Marie Forleo alt how to “do it all”.  Her basic message, was to not. To identify what’s important and to not do the rest. As a result, today I had an appointment in town booked today which would have not left me with any time to do anything else.  I was feeling really stressed about this, and the logistics of it, until LH told me I should just reschedule it for another time. What a clever man he is.

It is very important to me that I eat breakfast every morning before we leave to do the school run.  In the past, this was the first stumbling block of the day.  In the urgency to get everyone to school on time, me eating breakfast got postponed or missed.  This would lead to me eating things like several nkd bars or cereal bars in the car on the way home, then when I’d get home, a hot chocolate and biscuits to treat myself for getting through the morning routine.

That’s why on a morning like this morning, when everyone was running late, being tired, and being generally uncooperative and let’s not mention the tantrums…. I made my porridge, and ate it regardless of whatever else was flying.  My day does not work if I do not eat my porridge.

Then as well as general errands, I knew that with this newly prioritised day, I was going to exercise.  But before that, I was really hungry, so my “lunch” started at about 10!! And finished at about 11.  I had the sandwich I’d bought myself for Tuesday when I went to the hospital. A “weigh to go” sandwich, hummus and grilled veg, 251kcal. Then a plain yoghurt with sweetener. Then a pot of cottage cheese. A couple of pickled cucumber slices. A few prunes. 

Then I did the next day of the 30 Fitness Challenge App.  It took me about an hour. I don’t want to give up on this challenge but I’m wondering if it is too hard for me. I’m modifying some of the moves, but it’s just the number of reps is getting a bit much and taking too long.  Before I started, I set up a new playlist on my computer to listen to,and that was really helpful.

Afternoon snacks – seeds, raisins. A little scrambled eggs from kids supper.

Supper – Turkey sausages (approx 55kcal each) and baked beans