Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – carrots and cottage cheese, plain yoghurt with sweetener

I used my morning to do meal prep, I made a chilli son carne (i.e.vegetarian), and a soup and prepare the veg for my lunch to have after Zumba. A bit of time to prepare in advance is what really makes all the difference.
I got to my Zumba class for the first time in ages. I was so pleased to get there. It was so much fun, and really used up lots of energy. Afterwards I was simultaneously pumped and exhausted!

Lunch – sweet potato and carrot ribbons,  toffee yogurt, banana, chilli son carne.

Afternoon snack – a couple of prunes

We had parent’s evening at school this evening so I had a small amount of rice and chilli before I left at 5pm (R’s rejected portion), and then a couple of crackers in the way there.

Afterwards it was so late, I didn’t really feel like eating anything even though I was hungry. I’ve also got a bit of a cold and am quite congested. I spied a cocoa orange nkd bar in the kitchen and had less than half of it before deciding I really didn’t fancy it, and with my blocked nose it didn’t taste the same.  So I decided to call it a night and hope that tomorrow’s weigh in will show a good loss.