Erev Shabbos (Friday)

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks – carrot, cottage cheese

Lunch – tival chilli and meatballs and cabbage

Afternoon snack – a chicken leg, a roast potato

Supper – white homemade Challa, 1 chicken thigh, roast potato, butternut squash and onion, a piece of banana, carrot and courgette cake

When I cooked the chicken, I took the skin off before I cooked it. The raw skin and excess fat was so so revolting. I was thinking how that is what the fat in me is like. This disgusting white congealed blobby yuckiness that is totally unnecessary and extraneous.

Today (shabbos today)

Breakfast – grape juice, matza with cottage cheese, a few leftover soggy rice krispies (my favourite type), a dried mango disc (pureed then dried type thing), half a wafer and then the rest went in the bin, plain yoghurt with sweetener.

For lunch we had guests where the wife is on a very restrictive diet to help to control and prevent MS recurrence.  This made it far easier for me to stay on track with what I wanted to eat. Also our hot plate didn’t come on, so the potato kugel I made wasn’t very hot and therefore not tempting.

Lunch – white Challa, smoked salmon, avocado, sweetcorn. Chicken, carrots, a very small amount of cholent meat. A piece of cake, pineapple, grapes.

After Shabbos – a small piece of cake. 

We had other guests after Shabbos, and they also were on very restrictive diets! It is clearly the fashion in our circles.

I made a stew with cubed steak, sweet potato, chickpeas and red onion (I can post the recipe if anyone would like it) with carrot ribbons. Plus put out a bowl of grapes.

So unless I’ve forgotten something (which I don’t think I have), a very controlled day, in great measure due to positive peer pressure (and not potatoes! Thanks Aliza for pointing out the typo!).