Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning noshing while cooking, started well. A chicken circle, a hard boiled egg, a tiny taste of cake batter, some boiled red cabbage, a few prunes, all good things although unnecessary… And then my cake flopped …

and I felt the need to repeatedly sample it, to see if it tasted ok even though it had fallen apart. Why?!!

So I mixed it with melted chocolate and liqueur, and then into ice cream. It should be ok. My weight loss? I doubt it.

Lunch – Bolognese (no pasta)

Shabbos plan

Tonight – Challa, lamb, roast potatoes, cabbage, dessert – chocolate dipped clementine slices inspired by Cooking Without Limits. Mine were just regular chocolate chips melted, no fancy vegan chocolate here! But they look good.

Tomorrow’s plan
Breakfast – grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, fruit, yoghurt

Lunch  – Challa, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, chicken, pasta, mushrooms and onions. Cake ice cream.

There’ll probably be other bits and bobs and we’re going out to eat on motzei shabbos. Watch this space.