Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

On the way home from school today I listened to Chana Jenny Weisberg’s most recent peptalk.  As a result I was encouraged to do something nice for myself, and specifically to exercise. So I decided to take a walk around Stoneyfields Park. It’s a tiny little place that takes about 8 minutes to walk around. I decided I’d go around three times, and used the app Map My Run to measure it.  I walked 1.15mi, time: 23:15, pace: 20:13min/mi, speed: 2.97mi/h.

I’m almost embarrased to admit this, but I’m going to anyway. Between two and three years ago when I was last doing slimming world seriously, I can remember proudly telling my consultant that I had gone for a walk around this park and that it took me 8 minutes. Today, after having looked around several times to check no-one could see me, at a couple of points I broke out into a run! I surprise myself even.  I really didn’t run very far, or fast, but just the fact that I did it at all is a sign of the improvement in a) my fitness level, and b) my general attitude change towards exercise.

Morning snacks – 2 hard boiled eggs, vanilla yoghurt, dried Apple rings

Lunch – my Mum made a delicious and healthy lunch for me of salmon, roasted vegetables and sweet potato and parsnip latkes (recipe can be posted separately if anyone wants, they were really good!) With mango for dessert
Afternoon snacks – prunes, a couple of spoons of rice

Supper – salmon egg fried rice with onion, mushroom and carrot

Here are some pictures from my walk this morning.