Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks while shabbos cooking – Plain yoghurt with sweetener, banana, a biscuit, prunes

Lunch – a taste of mashed potato, leftover boiled cabbage and carrots, 4 breadsticks

Afternoon – Taste of chicken pie, sip of white chocolate liqueur

Shabbos plan

Tonight – Challa, chicken soup with carrots and onion, roast chicken, mashed potato, roast onion, carrot, parsnips. Biscuit?


Breakfast -grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, fruit, yoghurt

Lunch – Challa, salmon, oven baked corn flake/rice crispy schnitzel, chicken pie, carrots, cholent

Later…. We’ll see….

A good shabbos and a freilichen Chanukah!