My meals on Shabbos were fine. Reasonable portions, healthy food. As usual it is the snacking that undoes me. Fudge in this case.

I am considering giving up sugar. 

It seems a very drastic thing to do, and I’m a little nervous to even contemplate it but these were are my thoughts.

  1. Sugar make me grumpy and irritable. 
  2. Sugar sabotages my efforts at healthy eating the rest of the time. 
  3. Sugar makes me fat.
  4. The more sugary things I eat, the more sugary things

And here are some more

  1. Nothing terrible will happen if I have a food craving and don’t give in.
  2. Being hungry sometimes is OK. 
  3. Being overweight, obese if I want to be blunt is really bad for me and is not ok. 
  4. Nothing changes if nothing changes.