We went out for lunch to the Aviv in Edgware with my MIL.  I don’t especially enjoy going to restaurants with three young children but it was bearable. Both she and we had brought with activities for the kids. I had also decided what I was going to have before we got there, as I tend to struggle ordering in restaurants when put in the spot and trying to supervise children.  I hadn’t planned the starter but Lovely Husband and MIL both ordered started so rather than sitting for ages getting hungrier I chose a lentil soup which was very good. Followed by my planned steak with veg and then an orange for dessert.

In the afternoon I made latkes with H&M which unfortunately they didn’t actually like but LH and I couldn’t understand why. Half I shallow fried in oil and half spray oil, although I think only the first few got all the oil.

Happy 3rd night of Chanukah!
Breakfast – porridge with water and salt

Lunch – out at the Aviv, carrot sticks, lentil soup, a taste of LH’s chicken satay, steak with roasted vegetables,  orange

Supper – homemade potato latkes with cabbage attempted latkes that fell apart so were more like cabbage in a light batter. Mixed seeds. Avocado