I didn’t pass my driving test until I was 22, so I used to rely on public transport a lot. The bus route number 183 was one I went on a lot. There is absolutely no Deep Significance to this piece of trivia into the past life of Simcha. Just late night stream of consciousness due to today being day 183 of this weight loss attempt! At the end of my weight loss journey there’ll be a test, and winners who remember this useless information will win a day out in London with me*.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and cinnamon, an orange, prunes

Morning snacks – sweet potato latke, 

Went ice skating. It was really fun. Maybe I should do it more often! Amazing exercise.

Lunch – sweet potato, carrot and courgette ribbons with salmon and halloumi style cheese (I’d stick with real halloumi in future, it wasn’t as nice), vanilla yoghurt

Afternoon snacks – couple of breadsticks, chocolate money (again about 1.5oz), 

Supper – pitta with ketchup, meatballs and pickles. Caramel soya yoghurt

I feel like I ate more but I simply can’t remember what it was, so maybe I didn’t.

I feel much happier having done some exercise. As the week has progressed I’ve been getting grumpier with everyone. The weather has been absolutely freezing outside but I guess I just need to wrap up and be active anyway.

Getting Shabbos ready tomorrow with everyone under foot will be a challenge. I’m planning on relying on my freezer stocks as much as possible to minimise what I actually need to do tomorrow, and maybe doing chocolate dipped clementines for dessert.
*subject to terms and conditions