First thing…

After feeling so down yesterday, I woke up early today after a busy night of odd dreams. I figured, I’ll at least get up, weigh myself, sneak downstairs and do some exercise and clear up from yesterday before the masses wake up. Given that H was up until 10pm past night I figured that at 6am there was a chance he’d sleep in.

I installed a couch to 5k app. I thought I would try it just walking and jogging on the spot.  Started up my exercising playlist and started. I felt a bit silly just walking on the spot in my lounge but no-one was watching!

3 minutes into the 5 minute warm up, H pokes his head round the door. I’ve marched him back to bed but I can hear that M is also getting up and it’s a lost cause now.

….later on….

I think the system I liked best is calorie counting using the my fitness pal app. 1400 calories per day, which means 400 calories per meal and 200 calories snacks. I also want to ideally be doing 30 minutes of some sort of aerobic exercise at least three times a week.

If I actually stick to this, I will lose weight. And if for some reason I don’t, then it is because there is something medically wrong with me.

at the end of the day….

I also realised today that I was probably dehydrated. I nearly entirely drink Sainsbury’s no added sugar orange squash. I don’t like hot drinks and I will drink plain water but I find it hard to have the necessary quantity. Orange squash is almost calorie free and, aside from needing the facilities regularly, can easily drink 2-3 litres per day.  My orange squash ran out a few days ago.  Only after buying another 12 bottles today, drinking a litre straight off and then suddenly feeling happier, did I link my mood dropping and not drinking enough. Clearly drinking more is the answer.

Also I was able to focus on myself a bit more today as the kids went to play at my parents today.  A little bit of time to myself is so essential. Until I had children I never realised that despite my apparently outgoing persona, I’m actually a very introverted anti-social person.

Breakfast (339)- 35g porridge with 140ml almond milk. Vanilla yoghurt. An orange.

Lunch (388) – stir fry onion, carrot, spinach, chicken, soy sauce, egg

Snacks (114) – 11g mixed seeds, 15g dried cranberries

Supper (395)- half a massive sweet potato (375g), 70g cottage cheese, 14g pickles

Total calories 1236 (+ orange squash)