Because my scales were broken utterly and then the new/old ones rediscovered my children delighted in weighing themselves. If only that’s how I felt! Both LH and I didn’t join in their game!

R who is 9 weighs 4st9lbs and M who is 6 weighs 4st1lb.  I found this an incredible visual. Without explaining to them what I was doing, I picked up each one and carried them around the room for a bit (which they enjoyed!) Oh my! When I put them down, I felt so much lighter! They were pulling me down, there’s no way I could carry them all day.  But I am carrying more excess weight than R weighs every single day.  Anyone who doesn’t have kids, go find yourself a small child to carry around for a bit. You’ll make their parents happy (provided you give them back afterwards, I’m not condoning kidnapping).

When it seems hard, I can remember that feeling of putting down R and the relief in my body. When I lose this weight I will have so much more energy. 
I’ll be unstoppable!!