So, I mentioned that my scales broke and that I found an old set in the loft to use.  Obviously I don’t know if they are consistent with the ones I’ve been using until now, and they only weigh in 1lb increments instead of 1/4 lbs but according to them, I have lost another 1.25lbs since last week.  I’ll go with that!  Total weight loss to date 16.5lbs.  You can see my ongoing progress here.

I’ve been investigating different ladies only exercise options as I mentioned and put together a pretty colour coded timetable of those options last night.  It’s only really relevant to Edgware/Golders Green/Hendon, but if anyone would like me to send it to them, please let me know.  The result of having done so though was that I knew that there was a possibility of being able to go swimming today between 2pm-3pm, just around the corner from my kids’ school at Nuffield gym in Hendon.

They are currently offering a free one day pass so it didn’t even cost me anything.  Calling up beforehand they took ages to answer the phone, and only once I’d chosen the option for the sales team (isn’t that interesting?)  The chap I spoke to, I have to say, was a good salesman because I wasn’t committed to coming when I called, but by the end of the conversation I felt almost obligated to come.  It also turns out that they have a car park, which is a real deal breaker.  Parking is a nightmare where the gym is.

Once inside, the building seems bright and spacious with lots of equipment in the gym area including a well stocked ladies only section.  The changing rooms seemed fine to me, although a few people who I spoke to commented that their cleanliness could be improved. Maybe I saw them on a good day, or maybe I have low standards?  It seemed clean enough to me!

The pool was a decent size and perfectly sufficient for number of ladies there.  Showers were warm and powerful and shampoo was provided.  I could have also had a towel, but I had brought my own massive sheet towel.  Maybe one day I’ll fit into the tiny size towels I see other people use, but currently I like to maintain my dignity!

I’m sorry if this post is really long.  I’m typing on the computer instead of my phone and it is so much easier.

I was surprised at how I could feel myself working hard swimming.  I always think of swimming as this relaxing activity, and it was relaxing, but I definitely felt my arms working hard and my heart rate raised.

Tesco clubcard currently are offering a 4 week pass to Nuffield for £18.50 in clubcard points and while I was still feeling really pumped from the exercise happy high I ordered the deal so that I can go without committing for the next month.  If I find that I am able to go there regularly it would be worth joining.

Breakfast (224) – Porridge with almond milk. An orange

Lunch  (476)- 4 nakd posh bits cocoa sea salt (nice but not worth 50kcal!!!) Sweet potato, cottage cheese, pickles. Leftover salmon from yesterday.

Afternoon snack (300) – one banana chocolate chip cookie (as made with children)

25 minutes swimming (+260)

Pre-pick up snack  (35)- clementine

Supper (294)- Curry – onion, curry powder, aubergine, almond milk, potato

Total 1329