Another day, another new exercise class!

Today I tried out Dancing With Louise Zumba class held at Hendon Leisure Centre. It was much faster paced than the one I’ve been going to on a Tuesday, and was 45 minutes of fast Zumba and then 15 minutes of toning. I really enjoyed it, even though it was tricky to keep up. I felt like I was really working hard.

Breakfast (166)- porridge with almond milk

Zumba and toning (+634!!!)

Snack after Zumba (40)- 2 clementines 

Lunch (599) – chicken breast, carrots and Angel hair pasta

Afternoon snack (107)- banana

Supper (250)- chicken breast and carrots

I’m enjoying the flexibility of calorie counting. I always viewed calorie counting as very restrictive and time consuming. With the advent of apps, it is such a different experience to the calorie counting my parents used to do with a book and a calculator. Yes, the way I’m eating is restricted but it is my choice to eat this way because I want to see results.

I’ll leave you with an extract from a motivating article I read today over at

“People who work towards more intrinsic/ internal goals (to get fit to feel good about themselves, or to be healthy for their kids/family) make slower progress at first, but achieve better and more sustainable results in the long term.” Read the rest of the article “Fit For What Purpose”.