Erev Shabbos and shabbos Plan

Erev Shabbos

Breakfast (166) – porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks (198)- stewed apples, mixed seeds, plain yoghurt with Canderel

Lunch (201)- barley and roasted butternut squash (I may have a new staple meal. Simple, wholesome and very delicious.

Onward plan

Supper (770)- Challa (small slice), beef with mushroom (1/6 th of all of it), barley with shallots

Total – 1326 which gives me leeway to have a little bit more if I decide to

Breakfast (311) – grape juice, 2 matza, cottage cheese (about half a tub) 

Lunch(497) – Challa, one chicken thigh, roasted sweet potato, onion and butternut squash

Total – 808. There will obviously be additional food but this is the plan so far.