Yesterday I wrote my plan for shabbos. It was really helpful as a starting point for today. I had some extras but I was definitely far more restrained knowing what the calorie already were for what my basic meals were.

Supper (770)- Challa (small slice), beef with mushroom (1/6 th of all of it), barley with shallots – I had probably a quarter of the beef and it was oh so good. Really juicy! I clearly was craving fat and protein!

Total – 1326 which gives me leeway to have a little bit more if I decide to – total for the day  was approximately 1500 which really isn’t terrible at all.

Breakfast (311) – grape juice, 2 matza, cottage cheese (about half a tub)  – I also had an orange, a plain yoghurt with sweetener, some rice krispies with a tiny amount of full fat milk (636)

Lunch(497) – Challa, one chicken thigh, roasted sweet potato, onion and butternut squash – I had an additional leg and wing, 2 bendick’s mints, stewed apples (967 – eek, for one not particularly extravagant meal)

Total – 808. There will obviously be additional food but this is the plan so far 

After Shabbos I had a banana, and then a plate of barley with the vegetables from lunch.

Total calories for the day around 2000 (1975 according to mfp, but I reckon it’s underestimated). Interestingly, when you click the complete diary button it tells you your estimated weight loss over 5 weeks.  I’d still have lost about 1.5lbs which obviously isn’t a lot, but it means there is still a calorie deficit. Combined with days with a higher calorie deficit I should be having a good weekly loss. Let’s see! I’ve been going to sleep thinking about which exercise classes I’m going to do this week, and calculating “if I lose x lbs each week, then by this theoretical future point I’d weigh z amount”. Perhaps I’m obsessing, but is that such a terrible thing? I’m not going to achieve my goal without focusing on it properly.