First thing this morning I threw a bag of frozen butternut squash, some lentils and curry powder into my new cheap slow cooker.

That meant that when I got home at midday after doing the school run and then an aqua aerobics class I really had no excuse not to eat soup. It was hot, it was healthy and it wasn’t horrible. It was actually quite tasty. I just have this strange thing with soups, I never particularly fancy eating them but once I start, I do enjoy them. I think it’s the lack of texture.

Today’s success was primarily due to doing things to make it easy. The slow cooker. The frozen veggies. My cleaner came today so I could swan off to exercise and come home to a house which was significantly tidier and cleaner than I left it.

It’s all about making living healthily and losing weight as easy as possible, because it sure can be hard at times.

Breakfast (166)- porridge with almond milk

35 minutes aqua aerobics (+206)

Lunch (714) – 2 slices of wholemeal toast, a bowl of squash and lentil soup, 12 prunes, an alpro chocolate yoghurt, 2 crackers

Supper (369)- 2 bowls of soup, 28g mixed seeds

Total 1249 (+206)