As we were driving along the road to school today, a van next to us rolled down his window and pointed out that our boot was wide open. Oh no! We quickly put on our hazard lights, I jumped out, shut the boot and carried on the journey, dropped the kids at school, then Lovely Husband at work. 

As he took his work bag from the boot, I realised my swimming bag wasn’t there any more.

My heart sank.

It must have fallen out.

In that bag was everything I need to go to aqua aerobics or swimming, and had been planning to go this morning.

My padlock, my super modest (and super expensive) swimming costume, my goggles (which I had only bought yesterday), my towel, flip flops (which I’d only remembered to bring today for the first time), toiletries. All gone. 

Images of them strewn over the dual carriageway, being driven over at high speed flew through my head.

Thoughts such as, “Why doesn’t Hashem want me to exercise? I’m trying so hard. Why doesn’t He want mere to succeed?” Crossed my mind.

In Chana Jenny Weisberg’s most recent pep talk she was talking about the inspiration she’s had from reading the biography of Henny Machlis. She recounts an episode where their home had a burst pipe and Henny’s response was, “Boruch Hashem, we have a burst pipe, where there’s water, there’s Torah.”  I wasn’t quite that holy. But I was trying to be positive.

I called two friends who live on my road and the next one along before the A41 and asked them to look along the street. Neither could see my bag. I fired off a few text messages to friends in the area, maybe someone had seen something. Nothing.

With nothing else to do, I headed home, davening a very heartfelt tefilla that I find my bag, but figuring it could be gone, and I was trying to convince myself that I should do some other exercise instead of my plan.

I kept looking for my bag along the way. I was really feeling pretty low.

And then, as I drove closer to my house, on the pavement about six doors down from my house, there it was!!! Someone had clearly spotted it, and put it to the side, figuring that the owner of the bag would come looking for it! Boruch Hashem! Thank you so much Hashem! And thank you to the anonymous person who took my bag safely out of the road.

Having checked that everything was still there, my mood now soaring, I went back to plan A.

Lessons learnt

  1. Always shut the boot.
  2. Label your belongings
  3. Daven for help and
  4. Don’t give up hope
  5. Hashem is in control

These would have been the same as if I hadn’t found the bag, but I’d be feeling sadder and had a far less productive day.

Breakfast (166)- porridge with almond milk

45 minutes aqua aerobics (283)

Lunch (485) – sweet potato with feta style cheese and carrots. Prunes.

Afternoon snack (545) – Bolognese (mince beef, onion, carrot, tomato)

Supper (291) – cod and carrots

Total 1487 (-283)