Emily at The Chef Who Slims made this delicious looking eggy bread with Apple pie flavour.  It was just a single serving, and I thought that it would work as a whole pan to be served as a family dessert for sharing.

I present, Apple Pie Bread Pudding!

Serves 6, 244kcal per portion

8 slices wholemeal bread

6 eggs

4 apples

4 tbspns maple syrup golden syrup

A big shake of cinnamon


Spray a large roasting dish with oil.

Cut the bread into quarters and soak in the eggs in the pan, making sure all the bread gets egg on it.

Cut the apples into small pieces and mix with the golden syrup and cinnamon, and perhaps a small amount of water. 

Put the apples on top of the bread.

Cook covered in the oven at around 180°C until the apples are soft.