Going with the “when I have the opportunity, I’m going to give it my all” principle, I did Zumba AND Pilates yesterday. Hence I was too exhausted to write my post yesterday evening and am doing it this morning! And boy, do I ache today! But in a really good way. I must have really worked myself hard and hopefully I’m building muscle and losing fat. On MyFitnessPal when you complete your diary gives you a projected weight loss “if every day were like today, in five weeks you’d” and yesterday it said I’d have lost a stone!!! I can’t have every day like yesterday, it just isn’t feasible. But how amazing would that be?

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Snack – mixed seeds

45 Pilates with 15 of toning weight exercises at the end

Snack – plain yoghurt

 1 hour Pilates

Lunch – salmon with butternut squashetti. Avocado. Orange.

During kids supper – 2/3 tub of cottage cheese
Supper – jacket potato with baked beans, cheese and pickles

Total -1604kcal food, 971kcal exercise