After I have done exercise I feel one of two feelings, if it’s something really high energy sweaty type like Zumba, I’m buzzing.  After Pilates and swimming there’s this inner calm.  It’s like a drug.  I’m sure someone could explain the brain chemistry to me, I just know how I feel.

This explains why this week I rushed my Shabbos prep so that I could squeeze a swim in.  It was greatly helped by the fact that we’re out for lunch so I only had to prepare for tonight, but even so…. 

I waited for 25 minutes to get into the car park at the gym which meant I only had time to actually swim for 10 minutes. It took me longer to get in and out of the gym than the exercise I did.  I also discovered when I was getting changed that I’d forgotten half my swimming costume! So I decided to just put my t shirt on top! Don’t ask about how I got home again! I think I may have gone loopy.  It’s that drug exercise effect. Anything for my fix. 😮

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – Turkey slices and pickles

Lunch, eaten while waiting to get in the gym car park – Turkey and pickles sandwich

Shabbos plan

Tonight – Challa, chicken leg and thigh (skin removed before cooking), 5 roast new potatoes, butternut squash, 1 portion of Apple bread pudding

Total planned calories 1361kcal – exercise 101kcal


Breakfast – grape juice,.1 matza, half a tub cottage cheese, avocado, orange

Lunch  – we will be out so I don’t know what will be served. I offered to bring a fruit salad and I plan to do my best to not have other dessert or seconds of main.