A quick recap of shabbos

On Friday night I stuck to my plan, in fact had less potatoes because I hadn’t cooked enough.

Had a little more of the Apple Pie, but not much, and in future I’d make it with less bread and more apple. A successful recipe though.

Today, my lack of plan showed itself. I estimate I went way over my calories (about 1300 over) but I still think that I mostly made good decisions and hope that given how well I’m doing the rest of the week, it will balance out to give me a loss. My friend had made some fairly healthy options as I’d asked her to not make anything with much added oil or sugar. I nearly had dessert but remembering that I’d said yesterday I wasn’t going to have, I resisted a yummy looking chocolate cake.

Breakfast -grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, half avocado, orange, yogurt, a chocolate coin, an encore bar 

Lunch – Challa, smoked salmon, rocket salad, couscous with butternut squash salad, chicken, cholent, fruit salad, a few tiny chocolate covered candied peel

Afternoon – a bowl of rice krispies with full fat milk

Evening – courgette and carrot spaghetti with salmon

About 2500kcal

Tomorrow is day 200!!! I can’t believe I’ve logged my meals for 200 days!!!