Some reflection on the past 200 days and some ways I have changed. 

In no particular order

  • I have lost nearly 20lbs
  • I have dropped 3.8 bmi points, taking me out of morbidly obese and just obese.
  • I own several outfits of exercise clothes 
  • I have been doing some form of exercise at least once a week, often twice, and sometimes even more.
  • My skirts seem longer
  • I’ve changed my methodology from intuitive eating to calorie counting. 
  • I’ve spent lots of money on prioritising my healthy eating and exercising
  • I’ve been more open to talk about the fact I’m trying to lose weight instead of acting like it is something shameful.
  • I’m enjoying what I’m eating.
  • I’m enjoying being more active.
  • I’ve got through school holidays, ill children and other stressful situations without losing the plot.
  • I’m taking responsibility for the results of my choices
  • I feel like I’m actually making progress, losing weight and that I will actually achieve my goal.

Breakfast – porridge with water, vanilla yoghurt

Lunch – toast with scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms

45 swimming with M, so mostly very leisurely

Snack – prunes

Supper – rice, salmon, cabbage. 

Snack – feta style cheese

Total food 1232kcal, exercise 391 kcal(although I am suspicious about this figure)