As I may have mentioned before, I am currently doing a month trial at Nuffield gym in Hendon. Its location is convenient for me as it is near my children’s school, and they have a swimming pool with daily women’s only hours.

So far I’ve just used the pool, including an aqua aerobics class.  But today I ventured into the actual gym gym.

A lovely person trainer called Mariya gave me about an hour of her time, discussing with me what my aims were (I want to build muscle so that as I lose weight I’m not all saggy) and then made me use all the equipment, showing me how it works and putting together two workouts that I could do. One was focused on upper body and one on lower body.  It was very thorough and I felt confident that I can probably give it a go myself.  I’m still working out what routine I should have for when I’m exercising, and what I’m doing. 

Breakfast – porridge with water. Pain yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch – chicken thigh with butternut squash (I love Shabbos leftovers, it feels so decadent) and lots of cabbage (at least twice as much as photo). Stewed apples.

Afternoon snack – stewed apples 

Supper – couscous with chilli son carne and mozzarella cheese

Total food 1263 exercise 223