Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and an orange 

I made the point to have an orange as well as the porridge so I wouldn’t be hungry and snack so much like yesterday.

Snack before Pilates – plain yoghurt with sweetener and a toffee yoghurt

1 hour Pilates – last week I told my Pilates group about how I’m trying to lose weight, and about this blog etc. Today Daniela, our teacher, really pushed us hard. It was brilliant!

Lunch – beetroot with feta cheese. Oh let me sing the praises of this seemingly humble meal. It was sooooo good. Go now and buy beetroot! Rinse it, slice, spray with oil, sprinkle some salt, roast it. And with feta it is just perfect.

Then I went to bring R home from school as he wasn’t feeling well. 😦 He was very wan and lacking in energy. There’s definitely something going around the school. I just hope it is a short illness. I think I’d had two weeks now where everyone was out all day, and this is exactly the kind of thing that can make me struggle. 

But strangely, I’m actually very calm about the whole thing. Maybe because I’d managed to do my Pilates first? Maybe because I feel like I’m getting into a routine with my eating? Maybe I’m just becoming a better person?! Let’s see how long this lasts, whether anyone else gets it and how I feel by the end.

Afternoon snacks – prunes, banana, Berlin’s

I then had to shlep the poor boy to collect H&M. 

On my return I decided to indulge a little and have a hot chocolate.

A little background comparison here. When H was newborn and R&M were in different schools on the other side of London to each other and things were all rather stressful, after successfully completing the morning marathon to get them to school I would reward myself with a hot chocolate, made with full fat milk and accompanied by several biscuits. This was usually after skipping breakfast in the stressed morning rush and then eating a few cereal bars or nakd bars on the way home instead. 

This afternoon’s hot chocolate was weighed and the milk was almond milk (which was measured). It really hit the spot of wanting something which was a bit of a treat, and warming. There was no guilt involved or secrecy. I’ve still finished the day with a calorie deficit.  It’s really interesting to note.

I also had supper planned, and my life is generally note organised than then. It all contributes to feeling more in control, even when things happen like ill kids.

Supper with just so delicious. Pargiyot (chicken thigh fillets) with onion and mushroom. LH and I both sat at the end of supper saying, “That was just so delicious. But so delicious. It really was so good.” Simple, quick, delicious, felt decadent.

This is Slimming B’Simcha! I have loved everything I’ve eaten today, and been really full.
Total food 1309 kcal, exercise 217 kcal