I had R home slightly ill today. He’s fairly easy to have home (he just reads) and he basically seems fine. But there was no squeezing in exercise, and my lunch was just making the same as he was having rather than a healthier option. I have worked out the calories for supper being realistic rather than idealistic, and that puts me over my calories, into a maintenance amount rather than loss or gain. Maybe I won’t have dessert. Maybe I won’t have rice. But probably I will, so it is better to work it out rather than just figure I’ve blown it. Maybe I’ll just have a taste of rice and/or crumble. Difficult to decide.
Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and a toffee yoghurt

Morning – tried some crumble mixture, a bit of aubergine, prunes

Lunch – 2 slices of wholemeal toast with 2 fried eggs. 

Not much later on, feeling hungry….

4 turkey Viennas

Tonight’s plan

Challa, chicken thigh, rice with pine nuts and cumin, roast mushrooms and carrots. Apple crumble.

Calories somewhere between 1800-2200kcal depending on my options


Unless I can find a box of matza…

Breakfast – grape juice, a small Challa, weetabix and almond milk, orange

I’ve been invited to a kiddish. I plan to eat nothing unless they have the mocha layered petit fours which are my favourites in which case I will have one.

Lunch – Challa, chicken, Barley/lentil/chicken cholent thing, beetroot and aubergine

I was going to work out the calories for tomorrow but everyone has just walked in the door, so times up!