Is better than a lot of what you don’t.

That’s what I think is key to enjoying what I’m eating. I’d rather have the real thing of what I want to eat, bulked out with other tasty food than easy lots of other foods which may well be low calorie or whatever but they don’t scratch that itch. It’s about making decisions. What is it I really want? I can’t have it all.

Example today’s breakfast, the usual porridge with almond milk, except the world outside was icy icy. That called for cinnamon. And maple syrup golden syrup added to the porridge. 

Was it good? Oh yes. 

Did it seem decadent and luxurious? Oh yes.

Was it within my calories? Oh yes.

How? Because I had almond milk not full fat milk. Because I weighed everything (except the cinnamon which is basically calorie free). Even with a toffee yoghurt afterwards my breakfast was under 300 kcal. I was full, warmed from the inside and felt treated.

During the morning I had a couple of snacks, I tried a new product I spotted, “Apple tango poptang popcorn”. It was a strange flavour and texture combination, like sour stick flavoured popcorn.I don’t think I’d bother again. Then some chocolate rice cakes. Yum.

 For lunch, I fancied boiled eggs, and feta. But I didn’t want a sandwich like I was making for everyone else, I didn’t need the calories and I actually didn’t want one. I’d rather have the eggs and feta than the bread. So I did. And it was great.

In the afternoon I had a piece of salmon and a carrot as a snack at the children’s supper time, along with a small biscuit R made with my Dad (thankfully the majority are at their house not mine).

All this snacking didn’t leave me with many calories for supper. 

I stir fried some bull’s blood in garlic olive oil spray, and some halloumi cut into little pieces. Perfect.

So that’s my message for today. Eat what you like. Don’t eat what you don’t.

Total food 1338 kcal no exercise