I’ve got a big appointment with one of my children’s teachers coming up. I misread my diet and thought it was today. I was all geared up and got myself ready, arranged my day around it, and then realised it is tomorrow. I had already got to school when I realised this.

A voice in my head said, “this calls for chocolate. Or sushi. Or maybe chocolate.”

But another voice said, “Why?”

And I didn’t have chocolate or sushi.

I bought myself a book instead, the biography of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis, “Emunah with love and chicken soup.” By Sara Yocheved Rigler which Chana Jenny Weisberg has been raving about. 

I hope to share some insights I learn from it with you lovely readers.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, toffee yoghurt

Gym – 5 minutes rowing, 30 minutes or so lower body strength stuff, 5 minutes step

Lunch – chicken, beetroot, aubergine, stewed apples

Snack – mixed seeds. Berry nakd bar

Supper – chicken, mushrooms, sweet potato

Total food 1362 kcal, exercise 230 kcal