Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and an orange

Morning – 35 minutes of day 17 of 30 day fitness challenge app! Hiit type workout. 70 squats, 18 triceps dips, 70 bird dogs, 18 wide arm push ups (done on knees), 18 burpees, 70 curtsy lunges, 35 split squat right then 35 split squat left, 40 high stepping, 70 long arm crunches and then a plank (which I did not hold for 85s as the plan said!)

By the end, I was finished. I just sat in the floor for about 15 minutes before getting up to shower. I’ve been knackered the rest of the day.

I wanted to do something for myself before today’s meeting at school. When has exhausting myself with strenuous exercise become treating myself? How weird is that?

Snack – box raisins

Lunch – sushi rice, carrot and courgette ribbons

Afternoon – prunes
Supper  – veggie burgers and baked beans

Total food 1398 kcal, exercise 402 kcal