Thank you all for your encouragement and support earlier. All those nosh things are now in my freezer in the shed at the end of the garden. I have to be very motivated to get them now.

I then did camp out at my parents’ house for the rest of the day where my wonderful mother had made a big tray of roasted vegetables for me. Later on I did have some cheese biscuits my Dad made with M and then once I got home with everyone I’m so tired that I did eat some delicious orange chocolate biscuits which I left behind in the kitchen. But I’m not having supper, I’m too tired and I’m not hungry so the calories probably balance out.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, vanilla yoghurt, mixed seeds

Lunch – couscous with roasted veg

Snacks – clementine. Cheese biscuits, an egg

Later – half a packet (75g) chocolate orange bears, a strawberry yoghurt

Total calories somewhere between 1700-2000 kcal probably