While Lovely Husband was away I was on duty the whole week, 24/7. Now that he’s back I’m so exhausted, like all the energy I had, keeping me alert and on call has just gone. In the morning after doing the school run I just wanted to sit in an armchair and collapse for a bit. I was considering skipping Pilates and actually sleeping instead. 

Then I got a phone call from the SENCO at school telling me about staff changes which will be taking place very soon, i.e. the end of next week. Nooooooo. Actually I trust that it will turn out for the best but there is the potential for not great fallout in the short term. Ho hum. If anyone knows of a capable sensitive person looking for a full time LSA position, I know of a vacancy at a really excellent school!

LH then encouraged me to go to Pilates and I did go, and felt better for going. I’m definitely getting stronger and more able.

Breakfast-porridge with almond milk

Morning snacks – yoghurt, pizza flavoured cheese string (yuck), 

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – scrambled egg and spinach

Snacks – seeds, banana, salted caramel nakd nibbles, clementine, pickles

Supper – jacket potato with cottage cheese and pickles

Total food 1416 kcal exercise 217 kcal