My Erev Shabbos prep was rather disrupted as H had a hospital appointment (just a routine checkup) at 11 am. Then on the way back when I thought we’d buy Challa he fell asleep so I decided it was easier at that point to make (thankfully I did have a bag of flour, I wasn’t sure until we got home). Hopefully there’s enough food. There usually is! Good Shabbos all.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and maple syrup golden syrup and raisins

Snack – prunes

Lunch – red chard and fried eggs. Vanilla yoghurt

Plan for shabbos

Tonight – Challa, chicken thigh (skin removed before cooking), carrots, mushrooms, onions, no rice (even though I’ve made for everyone else). A piece of chocolate rice crispies (178 kcal for 1/12th).

Total calories 1406 kcal, no exercise


Breakfast – grape juice,, matzo and cottage cheese and pickles, yoghurt, orange

Lunch – Challa, chicken, cholent, salad, rice krispies

Motzei shabbos – we’re invited out to the school supper quiz, I don’t know what will be served.

About 1300 kcal before adding in any nosh and supper quiz food.