I really gave it my all today!

An early-ish night last night, and a crazy amount of exercise this morning. Totally on track food. My fitness pal when you finish the day gives you a projected weight loss for 5 week’s time. In contrast to the list two days when it was predicting a small gain, if every day were like today I’d be a stone lighter in 5 weeks! If only!!!

Take that fat! Pow!

The mantra I had going through my head was “Success is just outside your comfort zone.” I saw it in this success video (warning, she does swear a fair amount, but her transformation is amazing).

Breakfast-porridge with almond milk

5 mins step machine, 5 mins rowing machine, about 35 mins upper body strength training, 15 mins swimming, 45 mins aqua aerobics.

Lunch – chicken breast and red chard. Orange

Snacks – prunes, pineapple, pickles

Supper – stir fry with chicken, rice, mixed veg (green beans, carrots, peas, corn, peppers)