On Sunday evening I wrote up a post about Shabbos and Sunday but then it simply vanished before my eyes. If only losing weight were as easy as losing a blog post!  Since I usually write on my phone, I couldn’t be bothered at that stage to rewrite it.

It is now Monday afternoon and I am at the computer, which is far easier!

Shabbos and Sunday were basically on track for most of the time, but on Shabbos morning I ate too many biscuits.  On Sunday afternoon I was feeling tired after a late night from staying up for the school supper quiz (I really know how to live!) and in a moment of weakness I consumed far far too many calories.  In my deleted post I commented that “Tiredness is the enemy of good choices”, tiredness is often my number 1 reason for not losing weight.  It only takes a moment of distraction from undiluted focus.  I need to think up strategies for dealing with it.  #1 is that I need not to have biscuits in the house.

I have stocked up my fridge with lots of prechecked leafy veg and I’m set to go for the week.


Breakfast – grape juice, matzo, cottage cheese, pickles, biscuits and chocolate rice krispies

Lunch – challa, cholent (which was mostly barley and lentils), salad, chocolate rice krispies

Supper quiz supper – small white roll, squash soup, salmon, cabbage, rice, cake and grapes

Approximately 3000kcal eek!


Breakfast – porridge and almond milk

Morning snack – yoghurt

Lunch – Green goddess – pasta, courgetti, pesto, halloumi – I could have gone without the pasta

Afternoon – prunes and a mega biscuit

Supper – Spinach to repent for my sins (although it was actually delicious)

Approx 2100kcal (eek again)