It would have been enough to throw me off track today that I had a meeting with a professional at school today who had observed one of my children.

It would have been enough that a different child was then sent home not feeling well.

It would have been enough that our toilet flush broke. And then once fixed couldn’t be used for the next 24 hours (we only have one toilet). At which point all five of us have decamped overnight to my wonderful parents’ house.

And yet, somehow all this didn’t really faze me and I ate really well today.

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk

Snack before meeting – macadamia nuts (a delicious but highly calorific recent discovery, only to be enjoyed in very limited quantity)

Lunch – salmon, sweetcorn and chard

Snack – prunes
Supper – salmon and green beans

Total food calories – 1278 kcal, no exercise