Boruch Hashem, the toilet is now fixed and I am writing this from the comfort of my own home.  Despite not being home all day and being at my parents’ house due to the toilet issue, I still ate totally normally.  Thank you to my wonderful parents for accommodating us all at such short notice. You are truly fantastic.

R also seems to be on the mend and will hopefully be back at school tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the last day of my month’s trial membership at the gym so I have been toying with the idea of doing strength training and a swim to make the most of the membership, but I think I’d prefer to go to my regular Pilates class and have more time to prep for Shabbos.

Next week my kids are on half term, and so I’m not in a rush to actually join the gym properly until after that.  I’ve heard that if you join at the end of the month then the sales people are more inclined to do you a good deal as they need to meet their sales targets.  Has anyone had experience of this or haggling for gym membership?

I didn’t have an official weigh in this morning as I didn’t weigh at home. I’ll check in with that tomorrow morning.  I did weigh at my parents and I have to say, what lovely numbers there were on the scale, but obviously I can’t be sure that they will be consistent with my one.

Until then,

Slimming b’Simcha


Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk

Morning snack – yoghurt

Lunch – scrambled egg with fried onions and mushrooms


Afternoon snack – Prunes

Supper – Carrot, squash and lentil soup, two slices of toast, pineapple.

Total food calories – 1300kcal

I am so motivated by every “like”, comment and by you following my blog.  It truly helps me to stay on track in the moment by moment basis.  So if you aren’t already following me, please pop your email address in the follow me box, and keep your lovely encouraging comments going. Many thanks, Simcha