It’s about what do I want more? On shabbos Challa or brownie? Can’t have both, but I can have one. Today, chicken nugget picked at the kid’s supper, or a more substantial supper for myself later? There’s no one right answer, except, I can’t have both. That’s the key I think.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, yoghurt

Snack – nkd salted caramel

Lunch – tuna and pickle sandwich with babycorn

Snack – mocha made with almond milk, 2 chicken nuggets

Supper – porridge with almond milk and maple syrup golden syrup and raisins

Total calories 1223 kcal

I’m really uninspired for doing things this half term. It is so bitingly cold outside I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. Maybe a day off from rushing around is what we all need, without the pressure of doing anything particular? Feels like a cop out to me, but might still be the right thing to do….