I went on a great outing into London with the kids and my sister and niece today. It was a good itinerary: train to Embankment, then we had planned to get the river bus from Embankment pier but it was closed for repairs. A short walk to Westminster pier to get the river bus to the cable car at north Greenwich and then again in reverse. Not a lot of walking for little legs, but you see Tower Bridge, London Eye, O2 centre, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, loads of the sights (which to my London children are totally normal and not so exciting, they were more interested by the dog of a fellow passenger). Also, apart from a small amount, it is all under cover, so works well on a rainy day too.

The food went a bit wrong though. I’d planned out what I was having for lunch, ryvita and cream cheese which I’d weighed etc. And then when I took out lunch someone claimed that they’d told me that they wanted ryvitas (when I thought everyone had requested other crackers), so to avert unnecessary upset I magnanimously shared my lunch, but then ate their crackers which I didn’t know what the calories were. And then once I didn’t know what the calories were, I ate snacks of cheese and other bits which I didn’t need to, but was tired out from the outing. I asked LH to pick up some takeaway from Kosher Deli and he bought some delish meatballs and root veg amongst many other options. I am probably a bit dehydrated too, as I don’t tend to drink much when I’m out with the kids to avoid unnecessary toilet stops. I’d better go get a big Orange squash now.

So I don’t know how many calories I had today. Let’s say 2000, shall we?

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, vanilla yoghurt

Lunch – ryvita with cream cheese, other assorted crackers withcream cheese and peanut butter, carrots, clementine

Snacks – slices of cheese, 2 bags nakd salted caramel bits, a yogurt, some cottage cheese. Not a single biscuit!

Supper- kosher deli meatballs, roasted root vegetables and a taste of goulash