I had what looked like an awesome plan for today’s half term outing. The weather was predicted dry and about 11°C, so that meant we could do something outside. The Lee Valley Sculpture Trail looked like an excellent setting to try out. Can you tell that things didn’t quite go to plan for a change?

Where shall I start?

H had seemed a little over tired and reduced appetite this morning but nothing terrible so with my Mum to support us we headed off. First mishap was that I parked in the wrong car park, which was not the one near the toilets. Boruch Hashem with the help of a kind lady walking a rather over unfriendly dog we located the toilets, a ten minute walk away.  H got into a battle over a stick with this dog and won! GO H! Since he also needed the loo, what should have been a fun leisurely exploring walk was a bit high pressured but we got there in time. I’m really proud of him.

Along the way, we walked past really picturesque areas with ducks, moorhens geese, swans, seals and other birds too.  We also saw some interesting sculptures and barges.

After lunch we started exploring some more. Within a short while, R had fallen over into a thorny bush and had several thorns embedded in his skin which you could imagine was really painful and bleeding.  So we headed to a nearby sailing club whose first aider assisted in trying to clean him up and bandage him. They didn’t have any tweezers though beside apparently health and safety doesn’t allow it! This is health and safety at the expense of health and safety!!

We headed back to the car again to sort him out at home. H fell asleep on the way home and as I was in the process of attacking R’s hand with tweezers, a now awake H had an upset stomach (which explained the earlier behaviour).

Somehow while all this was going on the idea that ice cream was going to be served emerged and seemed to be expected. I’m not exactly sure how it happened but it wasn’t the time to say no to this and I found some ice cream in our freezer. Very nice marble cake ice cream it was too.

Oh, and we dropped my phone off to be fixed on the midst of all this, which meant my access to the myFitnessPal app wasn’t quite as easy.

There’s only so many things I can do at once.

Some biscuits also got eaten. In quantity.


I only have myself to blame. No-one forced me to eat any of these things. I know I’ve dealt with similar days better.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, plain yogurt and sweetener

Morning – 4 bear biscuits, 3 prunes

Lunch – pita with egg mayo and pickles, Clementine

Afternoon – ice cream, biscuits, rice (from kids supper)

Supper- not needed

Calories – I don’t know, exercise – A bit of  walking