Some thoughts, this may not be so coherent.

1. Why when routine is disrupted, or plans change does my healthy eating have to also be disrupted? Why do I allow this?

2. A child, not my own, today commented that I looked like there was a baby in my tummy. There is no baby in my tummy. 

3. I want to buy new clothes for Pesach which is in about 7 weeks or so. I’m so bored of wearing the same shabbos clothes week in week out. Some of my things I’ve had for years and yes, recently, I’ve been able to wear a few tops that I hadn’t been able to wear for a long time. But for Pesach, the next big Jewish holiday, I want to buy something new and I’m really scared that I’ll go shopping and still only the size 20s will fit and I’ll look horrible in everything and I’ll end up being upset in a changing room somewhere. I don’t want to hear that in 7 weeks I could be 7lbs or 14lbs lighter. I’m just sharing my worry.

So why, when I have these motivating thoughts so I still eat things I shouldn’t?

4. Having not had my phone (and MyFitnessPal) most of Friday, I didn’t pay as close attention to everything passing my lips yesterday and today. I know that’s a rubbish excuse. Popcorn, banana cake, delicious.

5. I did make a yummy salad with lunch today though:  bulgar wheat, cucumber, red pepper, chicken, garlic powder, lemon juice. There was a little bit leftover for a photo op this evening.

Just as I thought everyone was in bed, going to sleep R threw up. He’s now gone to sleep but who knows what the night and tomorrow will bring?