BH the night was uneventful, and everyone was well today. It was a shame R was unwell last night though because it meant we couldn’t all go out today on the last day of half term, when Lovely Husband wasn’t working. I took H&M ice skating at Planet Ice in Hemel Hempstead. I didn’t actually skate very much as I had to stay near a very slow moving H. Wow, it hurts your feet to just stand up in ice skates and not move much. Never mind, I think they enjoyed it, and having discovered this rink 20 minutes away, I’d definitely return. Hopefully with an additional adult though, so we can take turns having painful feet!

Nkeoma at Bellisima Fitness just wrote me a lovely comment on yesterday’s post. She said she knew I would bounce back. Today I did try and do just that. To get back in my new routine of healthy eating.  I really really hope that M doesn’t get this tummy bug too (or LH or me) and that tomorrow everyone will be back at school. 

Having not logged for a few days, I did find myself estimating portions at times today when if I were stricter, I’d have weighed them. LH was very helpful and when he was dishing up supper, even weighed out my food for me, without me even asking.

In the afternoon I got out in the garden and planted some seeds: peas, broad beans, verbena, lavatera, butternut squash, and some others too. Jen in her post “the miracle of parsley and life” was taking about nature as an analogy, and I just love seeing lessons we can learn from plants.  Here’s a little one from today. When we plant seeds, it takes just a few minutes and it looks like nothing much is happening. There’s just a pot of soil. Some seeds are even so tiny that they appear to vanish altogether. 

However, give them some time, and the right environments and they can produce vegetables! Flowers! Massive leaves! Trees even! Incredible! Just from that little tiny seed, a few minutes of time and some dirt.
So too with our actions in trying to lose weight and get healthier. By doing tiny small actions that don’t take very long, and building upon them over a long time, we too can produce amazing results. Muscles! Fat burned! Healthier coping mechanisms!  

Take that first tiny step and plant the seed.

Breakfast – spinach and eggs

Morning snack – prunes

Lunch – tuna and pickle sandwich, prunes (lost count…)

Supper – salmon, rice and boiled carrots
Calories in the 1800kcal region. Not marvellous but not terrible.