Yesterday was such a busy day that I didn’t have time to blog, but that doesn’t mean I was off track. Not at all!

In the morning, my Mum and I took part in a sponsored walk around Westfield in aid of Emunah, an Israeli charity which helps disadvantaged children. They’d put together a quiz that you had to work out the names of the shops according to cryptic clues as you walked round the centre. My Mum is a really fast walker as she goes on weekly walks in an organised group and I don’t know how far the walk was exactly but we were walking for about two hours in all! It was good fun, and in a good cause.

Afterwards we went out to Isola Bella for lunch where I was really pleased that my lunch had more vegetables than I thought it was.

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk

2 hours walking

Snack – clementine

Lunch – salmon with egg noodles and vegetables

Snack – clementine

Supper – pasta and a yoghurt

Total food approx 1500 kcal, exercise 503 kcal!