It’s late and I’m tired but I don’t like having a huge backlog of posts to write. Yesterday and today were probably in the 2500-3000kcal range. Not great really. Why was that?

My meals were fine but I made the mistake of having nosh “for the kids”, which was nosh that I liked, a couple of digestive biscuits here, a couple of pieces of cake there. It adds up. Also I slept badly last night. I’d fallen also really early because I was tired but then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep for about two hours. Very very tedious. 

I’m not despondent, I’m keeping on going, the fact that I’ve checked in here is a check and valence, a measure of accountability. I’ll rein it in, and I’ll move on. 

(That’s a hot chocolate from yesterday, in my favourite mug)