Today I tried a new exercise class.  It had been on my list of “things to try” for a while.  Run by Ace Fitness, it describes itself as “This awesome new class will be replacing our ace special. We will be focusing on those stubborn areas such as your “hips, buttocks and thighs…”. Using only body weight and resistance bands to smooth your curves. ”

It sounded as though it was the kind of thing I’ve done before in Pilates and at the gym but a little more hardcore and I was excited but nervous to try it.

Honestly?  It was REALLY hard!  There were maybe 10 women and it was interval training with about 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.  I’ve never done anything like it before in terms of pacing, although the moves were familiar, if challenging.  Apparently this isn’t HIIT, and that is even more high level.

I was just about managing to do the moves, although sometimes in an adapted easier version, and trying to push away the thoughts in my head that were saying, “I can’t do this, it is too hard.”  Then in the middle I started to feel dizzy and light headed and I had to take some time out, and just sit down and drink my water.  I was a little concerned I was actually going to be sick, but Boruch Hashem I wasn’t.  The instructor Charlotte was absolutely lovely and encouraging, but I felt so embarrassed. I mean, everyone else was just keeping on going and I was literally on the verge of collapse.  After a little while, I managed to pull myself together and join in with the class again.  I kept trying to tell myself affirming thoughts, “You can do this” etc, and I got through the rest of the class.

Afterwards, before I attempted to go down the stairs to get out of the building I just sat on the stairs for about five or ten minutes until I felt that I’d be safe to get to the car and drive.

On the one hand, I felt like I had achieved something by going.  A year ago, I would have not had anything to wear, not had a mat to take with, been unfamiliar with the moves and have not have even considered going to a class like that.  I went, and according to MFP, I burned about 500kcal in that 45 minute class.  Intellectually I believe all that is an achievement, but truthfully I felt just so embarrassed and silly, like the fat girl in the PE class who couldn’t do what all the skinny fit girls could do, and I didn’t enjoy it.

This is about Slimming B’Simcha!  It should be enjoyable and fun!  I’d rather do two hours of walking for those 500kcal, or go swimming, or weight training, or dance or ice skating, or just eat less!

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk

45 minutes of killer exercise

Snack in the car before coming home – a very gratefully found box of raisins (a mother’s car is never without emergency supplies of food!)

Lunch – clementines, wrap with salad leaves and chicken breast, alpro vanilla soy yoghurt

Snack – seeds, berry nakd bar, banana

At kids’ supper time – a fish cake

Supper – salmon, boiled potato and boiled carrots

Total food calories – 1548kcal, exercise 503kcal