I am going to share something which is really rather gross and may make you think less of me.  Are you ready for the big reveal? There’s even a before and after picture for you…

A few weeks ago I decided to see whether I could get the yucky buildup of stuff off the tiles by my shower.  I just gave it a little scrub with the nailbrush and what do you know?  It came right off and there was lovely white grouting again!  I did some of it and my cleaner did some of it and my bathroom walls are looking much lovelier.

Standing in my kitchen I wondered if the kitchen floor might have a similar reaction… Let me go back a little.  My kitchen tiles are impossible to get clean.  They are white and textured and even though the room is only 14′ by 7′, in the five years we’ve lived here, I have spent hours and hours trying to get them to actually be clean, only to find that bare feet get dirty again if you walk on the “clean floor”.

I’d also never understood why someone would grout in black around white tiles? Seemed really ugly to me, but I’ve mopped this floor with bleach and every other cleaning product and nothing has changed in the past and I’d pretty much given up on it, and planned to replace it with lino sometime in the future.

There was no way I was going to clean my floor with a nailbrush so I specially bought a scrubbing brush (for the grand price of £1.40), sprayed some super heavy duty cleaning stuff on the floor, got on my hands and knees and started to scrub……

Imagine my amazement and horror when the black grouting started to come off, and was in fact years of built up dirt and yuckiness.  Yuck yuck yuck.

Would you like to see a before and after picture?

How did I not realise this before? How have I lived like this for so long? I mean seriously, it was vile and disgusting, and now it isn’t. And I didn’t even realise what the problem was, or what the solution was.

Once I was using the correct tools for the job (strong chemicals, a scrubbing brush and elbow grease), the yuck came right off. It didn’t even take that long.

I don’t need to hit you over the head with the analogy to weight loss and changing ourselves for the better, you are clever readers, I’m sure you’ve got it by now.