After yesterday’s exertions I decided that today I wanted to do some exercise that was just fun and so I went back to the Zumba class I’d been going to previously. I’d been going for over a year and it is a really lovely class of ladies. I bring down the average age by about 30 years so it isn’t as high impact but is definitely a workout! Just fun to dance about for an hour, and there is a very jovial atmosphere, no-one takes it really seriously, but just enjoys it. I’m glad I went back. The timing isn’t ideal though as it is right in the middle of the day (11’15-12.15) and I find that I can then spend the rest of the afternoon just showering and eating lunch and then suddenly it is time to collect from school. 

In other news, I made a decision and have joined the gym! I feel like it’s the right thing to do as I enjoyed the weight training and the access to the pool. I’d also be able to take M swimming there, which would be nice. I wonder if in the holidays I could take all three and get them lessons? I’m getting ahead of myself. 

So I’ve joined. I think I need to be going at least twice a week to make it worthwhile.  I hope I’ll manage that and it won’t be an expensive mistake. It feels like a very big commitment (12 month contract, 1 month free then £65 p/m) but I think the fact it is so expensive will be a good motivator for me going regularly. I really hope so.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and orange and prunes

Snack – pomegranate

1 hour Zumba

Lunch – pitta with Salmon and pickles and prunes

Supper – chicken Korma with rice and lentils, oh how I love this meal!! And R&M tried it and liked it!! A miracle, a meal that 4/5 family members all think is we just have to get H to be willing to try it…

Total food calories 1583 kcal, exercise 545 kcal