Yesterday it was case of one thing led to another. I made cupcakes with H&M in the lead up to Purim (strategies for dealing with Purim and Pesach will pG be the subject of another post). However, I also went to the gym and did the arm machines and some hoola hooping. I’d like to get one of those armband things to hold my phone, has anyone got one they recommend?

I had a bit of mixture, and a plain cake, and some uncertainty as to whether one of the kids was unwell and would need to come home early or not. So a nibbled a biscuit or three in nervous anticipation of my precious time to myself being cut short and then possibly having a child off sick the next few days. Thankfully they were basically fine, just tired from being up too late the previous night – note of importance, check beds for torches and books…..

In the evening I went to a Benny Friedman and 8th Day concert which was lots of fun but ran very late so I was really tired today.

Yesterday food diary

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk, cake mixture

Snacks – yoghurt with golden syrup, seeds, prunes, cake and icing

40 minutes strength training (arm day) at the gym

Lunch – mixture, lentils and brown rice and sweetcorn

Supper – cottage cheese, orange
Later snack – carrot sticks (courtesy of my friend A, how organised was she to bring carrot sticks to the concert!)

Total food calories around 2100kcal, exercise 167 kcal


Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Snack  – prunes

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – scrumptious chicken burger x2 and salad

Snack – a third burger
Supper – chicken stroganoff as inspired by Emily, the chef who slims. I made it almost how she did except I didn’t have a lemon so used lemon juice, left out the yoghurt (for kashrus reasons   no milk and meat products permitted together), brown not red onions, regular flour, regular closed cup mushrooms… Just had it on its own and it was really delicious and filling. Thanks Emily! I recommend checking out her blog, the recipes always look really good.

Total food calories 1546 kcal, exercise 217 kcal

Tomorrow it’s Erev Shabbos again, the day to get ready for Shabbos. I need to stay on track this weekend and not let it derail me. The best thing I can do to have a successful day tomorrow is to go to bed asap. Night night world.